Accepted Papers

The RESPECT 2019 conference proceedings are available in IEEE Xplore.


Don Winiecki and Noah Salzman Teaching Professional Morality & Ethics to Undergraduate Computer Science Students through Cognitive Apprenticeships & Case Studies: Experiences in CS-HU 130 ‘Foundational Values’
Joanna Goode, Kirsten Peterson, Joyce Malyn-Smith and Gail Chapman Online Professional Development for High School Teachers: Building the Capacity of a National Cadre of Teachers to Broaden Participation in Computing
Lena Abu-El-Haija and Fay Cobb Payton Computer Science Enrollment in Magnet High Schools: Issues of Curricula Clusters, Equity, and Pathways
Peter Rich and Helen Hu Surveying the Landscape: Statewide Data on K-12 CS Education Implementation
Robert Cummings, Earl Huff, Naja Mack, Kevin Womack, Amber Reid, Brandon Ghoram, Juan Gilbert and Kinnis Gosha Vlog Commentary YouTube Influencers as Effective Advisors in College and Career Readiness for Minorities in Computing: An Exploratory Study
Bronwyn Bevan, Steven McGee, Erin Henrick and Lucia Dettori RPPs Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em: Voices from the Field
Jerone Dunbar, Diandra Prioleau and Juan E. Gilbert CS Motivation for Black/African American Middle School Students
Gloria Townsend and Alka Harriger Case Study of an ACM Celebration in Indiana
Robert Cummings, Sonya Dennis, Naja Mack, Jaye Nias and Kinnis Gosha Developing a Question Corpus for a Conversational Agent Designed to Prepare Interested Black Undergraduates for the Professoriate in STEM
Hilary B. Zimmerman, Brit Toven-Lindsey, Linda J. Sax, Kathleen J. Lehman and Jennifer M. Blaney Building Momentum: How Department Chairs Lead Initiatives to Broaden Participation in Computer Science
Kathleen J. Lehman An Untapped Recruitment Pool: Undecided Students in CS1 Courses
Denise Nacu, Evelyn Flores, Nina Keoborakot, Evan Skorepa, Luis Ladino and Elyahu Saul Strategies for Brokering Future Learning Opportunities in an Out-of-School STEM Program for Middle School Girls
Rafi Santo, Leigh Ann Delyser, June Ahn, Anthony Pellicone, Julia Aguiar and Stephanie Wortel-London Equity in the Who, How and What of CS Learning: K12 School District Conceptualizations of Equity in CSforAll Initiatives
Audrey Rorrer, Tiffany Barnes, Jamie Payton and Huifang Zuo Challenges and Opportunities in Evaluating Broadening Participation in Computing: The STARS Evaluation Cohort Model
Miguel Lara, Kathryn Cunningham and Bude Su Job Placement Experience and Perceptions of Alumni from a three-year Computer Science Program
Tomoko M Nakajima and Joanna Goode Teachers’ Approaches to Mak(e)ing Computing Culturally Responsive: Electronic-Textiles in Exploring Computer Science Classes
Erin Henrick, Steven McGee, Ronald Greenberg, Lucia Dettori, Andrew Rasmussen, Don Yanek and Dale Reed Assessing the effectiveness of  computer science RPPs: the case of CAFECS
Tia Madkins, Alexis Martin, Jean Ryoo, Kimberly Scott, Joanna Goode, Allison Scott and Frieda McAlear Culturally Relevant Computer Science Pedagogy:  From Theory to Practice
Gloria Washington, Marlon Mejias and Legand Burge Attracting Black Boy High Schoolers to Computer Science Through Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Debra Richardson, Carol Fletcher, Joanna Goode and Shelly Hollis Equity in Computer Science Education: From Passionate People to State Strategy
Laquana Cooke, Sara Vogel, Michael Lachney and Rafi Santo Culturally Responsive Computing: Supporting Diverse Justice Projects In/As Computer Science Education
Jumee Song, Kamau Bobb, Lien Diaz, Joshua Elder and Jeffrey Forbes Democratizing Computing Education:  A Battle for Inclusion in Modern America



Sharin Jacob, Ha Nguyen, Debra Richardson and Mark Warschauer Developing a Computational Thinking Curriculum for Language Learners: An Experience Report
Marlon Mejias, Ketly Jean-Pierre, Gloria Washington and Legand Burge A Survey of Underrepresented Students Threats to Belonging in Computer Science
Rebecca Zarch, Jeff Xavier, Stacey Sexton and Alan Peterfreund Measuring Broadening Participation with the RPPforCS Community
Carlos Alberto Damas and Karina Mochetti An analysis of homophobia on vandalism at Wikipedia
Kathleen Timmerman and Travis Doom Barrier Interventions to Increase Retention of Under Represented Groups in Computer Science and Engineering
Meghan Allen, Steven A. Wolfman, Jessica Q. Dawson and Anasazi Valair Inclusive curricular improvement: experiences adapting a strength-based evaluation approach
Rebecca Zarch, Jeff Xavier and Alan Peterfreund Using state-based data systems to support Broadening Participation in Computing
Sarah Lee, Jessica Ivy and Andrew Stamps Providing Equitable Access to Computing Education in Mississippi
Olivia Nche, John Welter, Megan Che, Eileen Kraemer, Murali Sitaraman and Victor Zordan CodeTracesure—A Video Game to Engage Children in Tracing Practice and Pinpoint Potential Obstacles
Michelle Trim and Hadi Nishad We Learn by Doing: Modeling Inclusive Pedagogy in a Graduate CS Ethics Course
Karen Jin Integrated CS for Teachers in Pre-Secondary Schools
Jennifer Stoneking and Lisa Bievenue Establishing Data Integrity in a Large Decentralized School District to Support Research on Equity in Computer Science Enrollments
Jean Ryoo, Tiera Tanksley, Cynthia Estrada, Jane Margolis, Dawn Guest-Johnson and Sophia Mendoza Student Voices: Equity, Identity, and Agency in CS Classrooms
Heather Wright, Burcin Tamer and Colleen Lewis Understanding Institutional Factors to Broaden Participation in Computing
Richard Ladner, Andreas Stefik and Brianna Blaser Addressing Disability in CS for All
Eric Wiebe, Tiffany Barnes, Sharon Freeman, David Frye, Mary Lou Maher, Lijuan Cao, Mohsen M Dorodchi, David Pugalee, Audrey S. Rorrer, Danielle Boulden and Veronica Catete EcoCS: Developing a Systemic, Scalable Model to Broaden Participation in Middle School Computer Science
Renee Fall, Beryl Hoffman, Jennifer Rosato, Seth Freeman and Dan Kaiser CS through CE: Broadening Participation and Building Pathways in Computer Science through Concurrent Enrollment
Cynthia Blitz Information Overload: Navigating Computer Science Resources Without Reinventing the Wheel
Karen Jin Engaging K-12 Learners through Collaborative Physical Computing Projects
Ankur Chattopadhyay, Kevin Grondahl, Jason Ruckel and Thomas Everson Secure Coding and Ethical Hacking Workshops With The NAO Humanoid Robot For Engaging K-12 Female Students In CS
Steven Mcgee, John Wachen, Lucia Dettori, Don Yanek, Faythe Brannon, Andrew Rasmussen, Dale Reed and Ronald I. Greenberg Standardizing Facilitator Development for Exploring Computer Science Professional Development
Coline Dony Encoding Geography RPP: Bulding Capacity for Inclusive Geo-Computational Thinking with Geospatial Technologies
Jamie Payton, Naomi Housman and Chad Womack Experiences in Launching CS4Philly: Progress for Equity and Access to CS Education for Philadelphia Youth
Takeria Blunt and Brian Magerko Mapping the Factors that Impact Technological Fluency for Black Youth in Low Income Communities
Quinn Burke, Jeremy Roschelle, Colin Angevine and Kerri O’Donnell Developing Inclusive K-12 Computing Pathways for the League of Innovative Schools
Guy Trainin, Leen-Kiat Soh, Wendy Smith, Kent Steen and Gwen Nugent Using Design Methodology to Study CSE in Underserved Communities


Lightning Talks

Denise Szecsei Theatrical Performances Using Robots As Actors
Mina Tari, Hala Annabi and Andrew Ko Understanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistants’ Perspectives on Inclusive Pedagogy in Introductory Computing Courses
Emily Green Are you ready to RPP?
Suzanne Menzel, Katie A. Siek and David Crandall The Making of an Accessible Intensive Research Experience
Alicia Nicki Washington and Anna Romanova Ethnic Identity as a Quantitative Measurement in Computer Science Education

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